How To Make Butter Slime DIY



  • School glue (white)- 1 cup
  • Borax powder- 1 tspn
  • 1 measured cup of warm water
  • Mixing bowl and spoon
  • Food coloring of your choice
  • Polymer soft clay 100g


  1. Mix 1 tspn borax into 1 cup of warm water and set it to the side.
  2. Pour one cup of school glue into your mixing bowl
  3. Mix food coloring in (optional)
  4. Add drips at a time of the borax solution to the glue and stir. Add until the slime appears clumpy and begins to form. Do not add the solution too quickly or the slime will be over-activated. 
  5. At this point, take the slime into your hands and knead it. (Pull and stretch until the slime is smooth and stretchy. You may need to add more activator if the slime is still sticky)
  6. Add 100g of polymer soft clay to your slime and mix in. Adding clay may make the slime stickier but add activator if so.
  7. Enjoy your smooth and creamy butter slime!

Although this recipe may not give you a professional slime, it is a great way to see how slime is made! For some awesome slimes with scents that will save you time and money, check out our website!