About us

about slime shady shop

Hello! We’re Alexis and Ethan, the siblings who started slimeshadyshop!

Our slime journey began in 2017 when we started to see slime videos all over Instagram and YouTube. We quickly asked our mom if we could buy glue to make slime but she said “NO WAY! You’ll get slime on the sofa.” A few days later our first glue gallon arrived in the mail! We quickly set up an Instagram and slime shop and began to sell slime. This was hard work for 2 high schoolers who each played a sport as well but we enjoyed every day and night spent in our slime room.

Fast forward to 2020. Our Instagram grew to 700,000+ followers and our slime shop received over 27,000 sales. Through the years we were invited to slime conventions and classrooms to share our story and product. Getting up close and personal with our followers has taught us the importance of slime for stress relief and a creative artistic outlet for not only the youth, but for adults too!

Slimeshadyshop’s mission is to continue to provide the best quality slime at an affordable price. Inspiring the younger generations through our work has become a large part of our purpose and we will continue to do so.

Thank you for reading!

- Alexis and Ethan

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